Generating online traffic to your portfolio.

‘An exploration of techniques involved in generating online traffic to your portfolio’

Professional portfolios are the most cost effective and influential means of promoting your professional status.  An online portfolio is created to showcase your skills and work to prospective employers, it is the best way to present yourself and your achievements (University of Kent . N.D). Individuals have to generate an online portfolio depending on what job role they are looking into, by including essential information needed. Great content encourages other individuals to link to your pages, which then tells google that your website is authoritative and worthy. The majority of web traffic is driven by commercial search engines such as google. Google promotes pages to the top of its rankings so it’s the individuals job to structure their online portfolio (Dave Robison, 2017). This is called Search Engine Optimisation which is a marketing strategy focused on growing visibility within search engine results, in a way that is totally free (Moz, 2016). It is all dependent on links and words attached to your website, and should be done correctly for it to become an authority page.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 14.46.24


Ways to increase SEO

When you are searching for information on the internet, you use a search engine like Bing. By typing in a keyword of a sentence it will search the data base and bring up relevant pages that include the words you have searched for. Using a single word in a search engine, it will generate results that won’t be very useful, as it will bring up a broad and irrelevant search. So for more relevant information it is important you use a number of keywords and phrasing on your website (Smith,2016).
The first place to start is determining which keywords you want to target dependent on what category of traffic you wish to attract and it is essential when trying to increase your SEO. Keyword phrases should be as specific to your company as possible. Using keywords effectively on your website will help you communicate what searches your website is relevant for and will let your visitors understand what is shown on your page (Shivar, 2016). Your end goal is to help your customer find what they are searching the web for.

Use long tail keywords: When a client is looking for something on the internet they keep it specific and local. Therefore, to increase your search engine optimization use keywords specific to your brand(Cabrera.P.2016).  An example that I would use for my ‘Freelance Documentary maker Leeds’. The word ‘Documentary maker’ will generate millions of websites. So, by narrowing it down and adding ‘Leeds’ it will narrow the customers search down and search engines will point towards you.

Social media
One of the best ways to generate traffic to your online portfolio is through the use of social media, creating social media profiles for your professional work on different networks is a proactive way to promote your content (Shewan, 2016). Twitter is great as it provides short, tempting links which will be engaging to your followers and offer useful and relevant content.

Findings from State of Search Marketing report (2013) show that 74% of companies and 82% of agencies surveyed said that social media is highly integrated into their SEO strategy (Kissmertics, N.D). Picture1.png

(scourced from: Kissmertics, N.D).

As you can see from the table social media marketing is ranked third and even beats email marketing. Since social media relies on high brand presence and a lot of quality content, the efforts you spend on SEO can improve your social media reach which can significantly expand your search rankings.
Increase your following
Growing your numbers of followers will help massively. Twitter accounts with millions of followers will receive a lot more interest than one with 100 followers. It may be a hard and slow process, but it will help in the long run. The first thing to achieve is consistency, present your brand uniquely and post useful articles that will engage you user’s in direct conversation. This will be key to building an interactive sizeable following and help with attracting new potential followers (Jayson Demers, 2015).




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