Creativity Post

Write 150 words about ‘creativity’. What is it; is it important; what kills it; what makes it thrive.

What is creativity?
Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive things in a new way or from an alternative perspective; to make connections between outwardly unconnected occurrences to generate solutions. It is by using your own unique imagination to generate something new in the world (Naiman,2014), merging things which may have never been merged before. The ability to see things uniquely gives the individual more flexibility and unpredictability, and it has been defined as the tendency to recognise alternatives and possibilities, which will be helpful with communicating with others (California state University.N.D).

Does education kill Creativity?
Creativity is perceived to be one of the greatest abilities you can be blessed with, yet many individuals never allow their true creative thinking to be expressed. In society today, education systems are seen to limit children’s creativity, as the structure of school is focused on certain pathways to follow that society agree with (Waters, 2013). Children grow up having a fanciful imagination, they love telling wild stories and drawing pictures, dancing and making music but as we move on into adulthood, nature intends us to lose all these gifts. A quote by Pablo Picasso states “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” (Waters, 2013).

 Does education kill creativity? 
(Waree.T 2015)

Author and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson often challenges the techniques used as a way of educating our children. During his Ted Talk (2006) he explores how education kills creativity, saying ‘’we are educating people out of their creativity’’ (, 2013). Robinson disputes powerfully that education is destroying children’s capacity to think outside of the box. He goes on to explain how education is too standardised, and due to students becoming test taking machines, it neglects their imagination. Rather than becoming creative thinkers children are becoming good workers. After listening to Ken Robinson’s talk it’s hard not to agree with the vast amount of points he makes about the education system. Subjects such as dance, music and drama are brushed aside and aren’t seen as important as subjects that are compulsory such as maths science and english. So how are children supposed to show their true creative capacity if education is restricting them?

Why is it important to make mistakes?
Mistakes help you grow and evolve, as long as you learn something you haven’t made a mistake.  People get trapped because they allow the fear of making mistakes paralyze them, the biggest mistake that can be made is to give up and quit before you have given yourself the chance to flourish and be successful. If we focus on avoiding mistakes, we aren’t open to expanding on the information needed in order to help us do better. Failure leads to success, as we try again with a fresh understanding. After a mistake is made, we observe and analyse what went wrong, so we progress.
Creativity can thrive when you resist the urge to give up, don’t underestimate the power of persistence when it comes to producing new creative ideas. In a study conducted by J. Luca and Norgdren, results show that powering through a difficult challenge fuels creativity and we often misjudge how unique our ideas can be when struggling to do something (Wong, 2015).


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